House Committee is where decisions are made to improve the Post building and landscape. This includes the interior and exterior of the post. All improvements are designed to benefit all VFW/Auxiliary members. 
 From House Committee meeting on 6 February 2022:

1) Landscaper proposal is $150 per surface area. 
2)Audio/Visual install is on 11 Feb 2022, this includes routing of new cables.
3) Upgrade to new security cameras is still in discussion 
4) Need longer poles for the Flags outside
5)Post is wanting to purchase 3 screen awnings for the pavilion. 
6) Parking lot light bulbs need replacing. searching for a company that will complete this task.  
7) The money the post received from donors will go to an organization that helps veterans. 
If anybody has thoughts about any of these items please let post Commander know or email