House Committee is where decisions are made to improve the Post building and landscape. This includes the interior and exterior of the post. All improvements are designed to benefit all VFW/Auxiliary members. 
 From House Committee meeting on 9 January 2022:

1) Post needs to purchase new post vehicle for $15,000 or Receive paperwork for the Toyota RAV4.
2)Should The post bring back a DJ for Friday and Saturday night for a cost of $550?
3) Post is considering using key cards to improve security features of the Post. 
4) Post is wanting to upgrade TV/AUDIO/Network. looking to purchase 3 55in 4k TV'S and 1 85 in 4k TV.
5) Contacting the city of Vancouver to verify that all inspections are complete for the Pavilion so members  can enjoy the new feature.
6) Post is looking for a new landscaper?
7) COVID 19: Please continue to protect yourself by washing hands, wear a mask, and stay home if you  feel any symptoms.   
If anybody has thoughts about any of these items please let post Commander know or email