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Pup Tent 6

Pup Tent 6
Commander Terry Clark commander@vfw7824.org
Sr Vice Commander Nelson Copeland srvice@vfw7824.org
Jr Vice Commander Robert Myers jrvice@vfw7824.org
Quartermaster Bill Tatum quartermaster@vfw7824.org
Adjutant Jim McEnry adjutant@vfw7824.org
Chaplain Rowdy Yeates chaplain@vfw7824.org
Service Officer Larry Ross servofficer@vfw7824.org
Surgeon Mike Archer  
Guard Matthew Edstrom  
Judge Advocate Bill Miles  
Officer of the Day Richard A Alvarez  
1st Year Trustee Cynthia Ross  
2nd Year Trustee Gary Mast  
3rd Year Trustee Buddy Delay